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What Is Vegetable

Journey of the Sapoara -- What is Latin America? -- The Latin kitchen -- The layers of Latin flavor -- Drinks -- Table condiments -- Tropical roots and starchy vegetables -- Squashes, corn, quinoa, and beans -- Rice -- Little Latin dishes -- Empanadas -- The tamal family -- Ceviches -- La olla : soups and hearty potages -- Salads -- Breads -- Fish and seafood -- Poultry -- Meat -- Hot pepper pots : adobos, secos, sajces, picantes, sajtas, pepianes, and moles -- Latin sweets.


Spring is in full swing and you know what that means - it's time to plant your garden! Growing your own groceries is very rewarding and a lot of fun, but in order to make it worth your while, it's critical to know when to plant your seeds.


The FOOD Platinum Pentaward went to the Nosigner agency of Tokyo (Japan) for their packaging of a new type of Udon noodles. They are made from the wheat flower blended with dried vegetable marrow. The packaging design is an amusing combination of the shape of a pumpkin and fresh noodles. The style evokes a non-industrial product, quite luxurious, and yet affordable. This design breaks the mould of what has been traditionally done in Japan for this type of product.

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Vegan ramen with grilled vegetables and tofu


Ginger Roast Chicken and Elbow Macaroni with Tomatoes and Pan Sauce | The Splendid Table: Exactly what makes this dish so remarkable is hard to pinpoint, but there’s a wonderful alchemy that occurs when the chicken, ginger, and tomato all come together. It’s comforting, a little exotic, and truly delicious.