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Ha ha!!! This is SO true!!! We Brits are terrible for apologising habitually (and usually needlessly) & often to strangers!! Love it! K

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We need thousands of stories like this to happen. Millions. Until this becomes the norm and teenagers are not afraid to simply go out to diner with a friend.

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"No, she wouldn't be a Belieber because a million people following an idiot is what got her in the attic in the first place." BOOM!

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'Give me a gun and I'll do you Oslo-style': What English Defence League supporter allegedly wrote about Asians on Facebook

When oh when will I ever learn? < Never, that novel isn't going to write itself.<<< that is what life is

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David Bowie

David Bowie | Confira a última sessão de fotos do artista | Omelete

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