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What Is Plopping

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Lazy Oaf Magazine 02 Bollocks

Aesthete label love

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Why Everyone Is Plopping Their Hair

Hair Plopping for Better Curls - What Is Hair Plopping


Lately, I’ve been browsing through my cookbooks for recipes and inspiration.  Say what? No Pinterest?  Oh I’m still wasting plenty of time on that there site, but I have to tell you, it is kind of refreshing to dust off the ol’ cookbooks, plop on the couch, and browse recipes while watching episodes of...

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Why Everyone Is Plopping Their Hair

Umm... Haven't black people been doing this forever??? Hair plopping for better curls

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14 Species of Boas and Pythons: Amazing Constricting Snakes

My two ball pythons are literally harmless, one (named Salazar, a spider morph) will just flop everywhere because (I think) he has the "wobble" but only slightly... He's the cutest ^-^

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What Is Hair Plopping?

Hair Transformations 2015 | Fashion, Trends, Beauty Tips & Celebrity Style Magazine | ELLE UK

* * KAYLA: " Rite now, me be havin' amnesia and deja vu' atz de same time. Me thinks me haz forgotten dis moment befores."