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5 memorable teachers in Doctor Who's history

There is a sense of pride in his eyes. He probably looks at her and thinks how…


Refresh your wardrobe this spring with a pop of pink, courtesy of Mint Velvet -->>


65 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Start by painting on your base coat. Make sure the base is dry before you coat your top colors. It’s good to try uniform colors such as green for your nails. This can give you the full effect of zombie nails. Compared to skull nails. You can be more creative and free with the zombie nails. It is important to plan out what you want your zombie nails to come out. You can try painting on blood splatters with the red polish as well as scary eyes and stitches. You can also try cutting off some…


Pin-up queens! The REAL women behind saucy 1950s 'cheesecake' paintings

That hair cut is lovely! My hair dresser never gets what I try to explain, maybe I need to take a picture with me the next time.


Super-Inspiring Beauty Looks From São Paolo Fashion Week

And though I'm rarely scathed by her cheeks turning pink, it hurts to know that what she feels is not what i think. And while her eyes are so beautiful, they make me feel warm. She keeps a calm demeanor but it all hides a storm.


Still trying to find a concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone? Well, stop what you’re doing and listen up. The secret to flawless skin is using colors that are much different than your natural complexion. Green, pink, purple and yellow may not be your average concealer colors, but they actually help fix pesky skin issues like under eye circles, dark spots, yellow patches and dullness that regular shades can’t easily cover up. Check out this guide to find out which colors do what.