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♥ Sasha Vinci what is the priest was made out of plants... and you could take bits of flowers/roots directly off him? What if he was this mass that was rooted in his beliefs quite physically?

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Lmaooooo Wow I never comment on my pins... but this is SOOOOO my ex... what a loser. Have fun on wife #3 before you turn 30... that poor girl

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ECM I : En ce moment, oui, là, maintenant, tout de suite, dis-nous tout !

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This is what my fucked up, toxic, and narcissistic mother in law did to me. She got her little minions to abuse me while she appears saint-like. She one sneaky, manipulative, conniving bitch.

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I truly believe that my neighbor is a Sociopath. He copies everything we do and everything we have. He's scares me sometimes.

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Warning Sign, you shouldn't be scared to return home, because you don't know what mood they will be in ... horrible being under the 'control' of a Narcissistic mother

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