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Food for symptoms of menopause - this can really help!

There are certain foods that can REALLY help with menopause symptoms, like hot flushes and night sweats. Here's a full guide to what foods can help and some to avoid too. Click through to read all about it! And please repin to share this great info!


# lupus I have had family with this awful disease one has passed and the other is living with it I also have a good friend that was just diagnosed with it please say a prayer that they will find a cure..


Mood Swing pin

*** Fantastic Savings on our most popular pin! - perfect for Mom *** *** and on sale now through Mothers Day *** *** 25% + off (now $148.50, reg $198) *** I guarantee she will LOVE this! It is just what every woman needs! Give them fair warning about your mood at any given moment with this sterling silver pin with a swing that actually moves! You can choose and set your mood to Great, Good, Okay, Bad or Nasty. The tiny plastic woman is hand painted and mounted like a pearl on a…


What’s so bad about menopause? What is the worst part of menopause, what makes it so hideous? We women are tough, resilient creatures and have a high tolerance of pain and stress. We keep working when we have ‘flu, we hardly notice if we have a cold, we put everyone and everything before our own needs. We are strong, supportive, loving, amazing people. The lynchpin of the family.


How to Lose a Muffin Top & Belly Fat Fast

It’s So Hard to Lose Weight with PCOS! While many women with PCOS report different symptoms and severity of specific symptoms, there are many similarities in the experiences shared by women with PCOS. Many women report issues with fertility,...


Home Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis

Diabetes can be a difficult life-long disease for many people. Although medication is useful in helping control blood glucose, it is not always enough and some people would prefer natural methods of control. When combined with lifestyle changes, adding...


Reversing Aromatization Before it Alters Your Hormones and Increases Cancer Risk

Increased aromatase estrogen activity is associated with various cancers in women and in men. So what is aromatization and how can you protect yourself against it? Click on the image and read on as Dr. David Jockers gives you all the pertinent info!


5 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

Five bedtime Yoga poses that can help you relax, stretch, calm and sleep better | Svava Sparey Yoga Holidays #yoga #yogi


Funny but for those who have a chronic disease like fibromyalgia & also experience memory loss, this is also a bit sad. Just to remember simple things would be great. I miss who I was & others do too. Some think if you were more active, got off of some medicine, or exercised you'd just improve or be normal like them. My bad health is really all my fault they must think. I guess if one can't see an illness, it must mean it's not there! Understanding/mercy is what we need.