We really like the #design of this #Infographic - something to think about when creating your own :)

Scrumptious Matcha cake with Matcha pocky, Oreo and Matcha Kit Kat #japaneasy #matcha

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Matcha Green Tea, what is it? and why is everyone addicted? well it's sure got me hooked! Have a look at this recipe for matcha powder meets lime, vanilla and cacao, combined with a creamy cashew mixture to make a delicious and fresh raw dessert.

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Matcha Tea is a superfood that contains an abundance of healthful nutrients, which may improve your health or help maintain it. It is prepared and processed to ensure you — as the consumer — receive a potent grade of tea. | https://dietingwell.com/what-is-matcha-tea/

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Green Tea Coconut Popsicles. The perfect creamy summer treat.. what's even greater is these only require a few minutes of prep time! Mmmm.Whoa. Whoa mommy. More

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