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Subtle again, Dean ! EDIT: episode 08x10 What happened?? Where are all the fanfics?? This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed Dean could have taken Cas out on a date and we missed it. #Destiel

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This is what I imagine my Satan character (Sam) to look like, just with curlier hair and green eyes

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This really never gets old. (Like the friends of the winchesters) (I think I've already made this joke) (but it does never get old. Like the frie- no.) (what.) (this is an endless circle) (heeeeeeat of the moment.) (WHAT.)

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But she did the same thing as Lucifer, who said he was better than the humans and equal to God and therefore fell and became the devil/Satan. So, in a sense, both are right

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✖️Zanthie✖️ on

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lucifer statue - what an amazing work of art. It's all in the details - you almost can't believe it is stone...

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