These fish cakes are a brilliant quick dinner that I’m convinced most people would be able to make right now without a trip to the shops. All you need is a tin of fish (I used tuna) or left o…

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What Ails You | Parasites | Chagas Disease, Encephalitis, Intestinal Worms, Lice, Malaria, Scabies Neem is not something to take lightly. For me, one drop sends my whole body into madness: heart racing, difficulty breathing, bloating and gas. It is very powerful against fungal infections.

Head lice are an unwanted fact of life, especially if you have school-age children. Many over-the-counter and prescription treatments for head lice are available, but most contain toxic chemicals that can be absorbed into the skin. One of the most effective methods for treating head lice is through suffocation. According to Dr. Dale Pearlman, a...

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