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What Is Jitter

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When Pinterest is not your friend… (An open letter to my son's new preschool teacher

Have you heard of jitter glitter? Read why sometimes Pinterest is not your friend. Check out my open letter to my son's new preschool teacher.

Jimjams - Slang. extreme nervousness; jitters. Origin: Jimjams is a gradational compound based on the word jam meaning "to press, squeeze, or fill tightly." The sense “nervous jitters” entered English in the 1800s.

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What's On Your Mind?

What's On Your Mind? Is a terrific way to get to know your students + these make an easy and awesome bulletin board too! Great activity for the first week of school and a nice ice breaker for students to get to know their new classmates.


Jitterbug at a Dance Marathon 1940's. What you and cliff will look like at the wedding @Erica Cerulo Hall


Here is the story of a young boy who is about to enter first grade and doesn't know quite what to expect. Will his friends be there? Will he have to know how to...

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Well Rounded Wellness: Postpartum Recovery Tips

my heart melts over this photo.

First Day of School activity: Questions and "sticky" answers: What will you need to do to be successful this year? What will you [the teacher] need to do to help you be successful this year? What do you expect to learn this year in X grade? What should students be doing to make sure our class runs as smoothly as possible? School is important because...


This is the brand new Spring 2014 Little Jellycat Octavia Octopus Jitter. Size: 15cm (6ins). Price: £9.95 (GBP).