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4 ways to measure the trust and honesty in your marriage

In a marriage, the level of honesty with each other determines the level of intimacy with each other. Here are 4 ways to test your current strength and evaluate areas for improvement.

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I LOVE YOU itll never be out of secrecy, but rather out of the CERTAINTY that you LITERALLY leave me BREATHLESS

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Letter to the Exes. Ya didn't find my soul (Kanye shrug) Don't fool yaself :P

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Word Porn on

What's scary is that I even tell someone anything that is so close to my heart that one misinterpreted reaction would crush me all over again....

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Jaeda DeWalt - "It can be difficult to leave a long-term relationship, even when our inner-wisdom...". wisdom, relationships, wise-words, letting-go, intimacy, breaking-up, love, ending-bad-relationships, ending-unhealthy-relationships

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We fell out of intimacy, respect and trust.... Turned against each other, became opponents.. Instead of a team. I wish I knew then, what I do now. EVERYONE will hurt you. Gotta find who is worth suffering for.... There is no one else.

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