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What Is Ics

This is a great blog which highlights safe products to use so that we're not supporting companies who test on live animals.


We believe what we tell ourselves...positive self-talk.. Some days I really need to rely on these thoughts!

(Open PJO rp, be the girl?) I walked down the street my head buried in my book, trying to forget about what happened today. 8 years of this, parents not there,teenage bullies. But I can't do anything. I'm just an ordinary teen girl that loves books and barely ever speaks. I shook my head and flipped a page in my book as i felt an arm wrap around me, "Dont worry, Just keep walking" i hear a boy whisper.

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5 Reasons Why Muscle Cars Are Better than Sport Cars

5 Reasons Why Muscle Cars Are Better than Sport Cars. Here is what you NEED to know... #spon #AmericanMuscle


Irregular Choice Eternal Friend - Mais pourquoi sont-elles si chères ? :'( Si je gagne à #Euromillions, je me les offre ! #unicorn #shoes

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Malaria Is The 'Greatest Success Story In Global Health': Nonprofit

People avoid mosquitoes mostly because of the annoyance due to bug bites, itchiness and bumps. However most don't think of the diseases they carry, such as Malaria and how high the prevalence is.