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When you were a kid, did you ever pour glue on your hands just for the fun of peeling it off when it dried? I think Belgium's Jelka Quintelier knows just what I'm talking about - -


JW Anderson Check Knit Sweater What is Haute Arabia, the fashion incubator? To know more about Haute Arabia please visit:


One of my favorite industrial designers who worked for Braun during the 1960s. This radio captures a lot of what I love about his design - minimalism, clear organization of functional elements. Oh, and it looks great!

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Ultrasonics may soon let you touch what you see in virtual reality

A UK company called Ultrahaptics has developed a method of providing haptic feedback for holographic imagery by using ultrasonic technology.


MAD Hasselt - Juan Harnie. - 'Scar(r)ed' Brooches - Syringes, steel, latex, thread - 2015 - MASTER PROJECT --Juan Harnie is a 21-year-old master student of jewellery design at the PXL University in Hasselt, Belgium. He works with unusual materials and uses these to create interesting contemporary jewellery. Looking for the beauty in scary or repulsing materials is what fascinates him most. -