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What Is Ginger Ale

from BBC Food

Christmas pavlova

Mary's pavlova is topped with pretty berries, but most fruits work well so feel free to use what's in season. It's a great dessert for Christmas because it can be made well ahead.


If you're sick of the modern generation of unhealthy junk sodas then this could be perfect for you! We all want beverages that have great taste, but wouldn't it be great if we could get that without short-changing ourselves when it comes to our health and nutrition? What's great about this recipe we have found is not only that it contains real ginger - well known for its numerous health benefits - but it is naturally fermented, which makes it naturally fizzy!

from Overthinking my teaching


Overthinking my teaching - Christopher Danie - Taught 7th & 8th for 7 years. Switched to MSU to work on Ph.D. & editing CMP2 as grad assistant. Now teaches math at Normandale CC in Bloomington, MN, while working on content courses for future elementary teachers, College Algebra, and the inevitable CMPCC version.


Christmas Cup

Christmas Cup: For parties or any type of seasonal entertaining, I like a cocktail that gets poured together in a jug rather than mixed up by the glass. And this is the perfect drink for Christmas: the fizzy white wine (any dry white will do) adds sparkle, while the cherry brandy brings a tongue-in-cheek touch of great-aunt’s tipple and the ginger ale provides the perfect seasonal spiciness.

from Homes and Property

Garden party: grow your own cocktails

- Watermelon -

This is the ONLY ginger ale I'll buy anymore. One of the best things about Michigan.


One of the factors that lead to increased weight is slow metabolism. However, it is not only important to lose weight, also harmful fats needs to be eliminated and what is important is to boost your immune system too.


Melon and Mint Slush

Foodnetwork:~ Melon (honey dew) And Mint Slush.~ Made with melon, mint, ginger ale, sugar, and ice! Mmm


2 packets of Fruit Punch Kool-Aid 1 c. boiling water 2 qts. warm water 2 1/2 c. sugar 1-46 oz can of pineapple juice 2-2 liter bottle ginger ale, chilled