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Difference between Management and Leadership. Loved this. Interesting fact: 75% leave their boss, not their job.


OMg its literally my cake!! haha this is what i would design my cake, except i would do the feathers differently.


Muslin Dresses about 1800, Hamburg Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. THIS is what is meant by "muslin" in Jane Austen's works, American friends! Naturally, a lady wore a chemise, stays and petticoat beneath. Our American muslin is what the Engish call "calico."


I've never wanted a rabbit and I still don't. but if I ever change my mind, this is the Rabbit for me. Angora Rabbits


More on the FIFA / AFC visit to FFA and stakeholders next week. It is a perfect storm for FFA and the key issue is what is in the best interests of Australian football.

from All About Cuisines

The Tea Plant

Tea is one of a handful of plants that have shaped the world. Countless lives have been enriched by it - and more than a few sacrificed for it. Across cultures and centuries, tea has been endlessly adapted, and reinvented. Fresh, yet timeless, tea is both the flavour of the moment, and the taste of the past. Tea may be steeped in history, but history is steeped in tea ...