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Biomechanically the pelvis and shoulder are linked. This is what is referred to as a Myofascial sling. The hamstrings starting from the tibia then insert into the Ischial tuberosity. This then...

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Understanding Your Fascia

Understanding Your Fascia By Julia Lucas (June 10, 2011) Fascia may be the missing piece for your lingering injury. Under your skin, encasing your body and webbing its way through your insides like spider webs, is fascia.

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Dr Oz: Fascia Body Pain Causes + Foam Roller Back Pain Workout Remedy

Dr Oz explained how the Fascia runs through the body and why our regular activities could inflame it. Try a foam roller workout next time you get back pain.

Diagram of Causes of Tight Fascia - When fascia is damaged or traumatized it can become too tight and cause a number of problems such as: Headaches, Muscle pain and spasms, Chronic back and neck pain, Recurring injuries, Sciatica, Breathing difficulties, Sensations such as numbness and pins and needles, Poor posture and reduced flexibility. ...