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What Is Deployment

Malibu has launched what it claims is the largest deployment of near field communication (NFC) enabled connected bottles, in 1,600 Tesco stores.


The Dos and Dont's For CRM #infographic

A correctly deployed CRM can help entrepreneurs big time by marketing automation and process streamlining but a badly deployed one can be a source of constant nuisance since you therefore you must make sure that your CRM is a bliss not a pain by adhering to the simple guidelines provided by the experts. What needs to be understood about the CRM is that its not just a part of your business strategy rather it’s a business strategy itself so you must not see it as a mere software but understand…

this is what i am feeling right now! i just want the world to see the stronger me not the other way around!


Farage's RETURN? Ukip's 'big beast' may be deployed in post-Brexit EU fight

If the government don't get on with triggering Article 50 very soon, the people will revolt. They will have no option but to turn to what they will see is the only way to implement their democratic wish to leave the EU, and that's by getting UKIP to do it. There's a lot of frustration and anger out here with the people whose country this is, and they expect their democratically decided wish to be implemented. jp.


I Miss You Quote

Miss Macey B., Sir Edward B., Mr. Alex B., Dust the B., Angel-o B., Samson B. the Wonder Dog, Run-Away Rusty B., Gypsy B, Jingo B., Joplin B, and my very first, Miss Tish my baby B. My forever "B"uddies!

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Build pipelines, deployment, and immutable artifacts

Build pipelines deployment and immutable artifacts What is the best way to build your code? How can you ensure repeatable deploys? What does build and deployment look like in a devops continuous delivery kind of world? The reason for this is that I dont think the basic principles that help you get them right are well understood or explained. @tachyeonz

What is AnalytiX Mapping Manager Big Data Edition and how can it help deploy a complex governance solution that deals with both Traditional and Big Data Governance problems?

Loneliness, I know the feeling too well. Too much that i hate it. Hate it too much because it makes me feel like nobody cares about me just i cares about them. And i hate it because when i am lonely i want to look at you find you talk to you. . . But I don't have a you. I have nobody anymore. I didn't want it to happen but it did and I can't take it back.

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23 Memes That Explain What Going Through A Deployment is Really Like

Support for the Military Spouse through deployments, PCSing & other challenges...