What is cuck

Globe and Mail columnist Leah McLaren ...just turned a fun sex act into a dreaded tool of destruction... so sad. Who gives a shit what a bunch of macho dick-fighters think. We know we are cuck, liberal AND okay. It's not the word or even the sex act... It's the hate you all are using it for.

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What Is A 'Cuck?' Origin Of Insult From Alt-Right, White Nationalists Who Support Trump

Soros Fingerprints All Over Anti-Trump Lawsuits - & George W. Bush's liberal judicial pick is right in the middle of all of it...further proving what a fraudulent cuck W really is

CUCK-CKLE DOODLE-DOO, WHAT IS WRONG WITH TUMBLR, IT'S GETTING A LIL' WEIRD, though this could just a cuckold porn post // That's the first time I've used cuck in a sentence before

I've fallen ill, I guess that's the word -- chronically ill. I've fallen worthless is what it feels like. But I've learned some lessons along this journey!

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Onision- the only YouTuber who's not afraid of speaking his mind, and doesn't care what anyone thinks, literally.

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In this #article I’m going to teach you how conquering #fear, #anxiety & #worry — in 3 easy steps — can help you win big in #business and #personal #life. Many of us, when we were #children, we had a #monster under the bed or in the closet and what is interesting about the monster under the bed...

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