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Carol is crazy... not for the Lizzie thing, that was necessary, but killing Karen and David? She thinks she is tough now but she is just becoming a person without regrets doing things that SHE is only one thinks are ok. And if you are on her side just think of what if Daryl would have been the one sick, sure as hell she would leave him alone or something. Double standars!


Walking The... What is going on? Is that a dog? Seal? Shaq?

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You know what's really stunning about this? Neither of these guys became famous for dancing. Hope was, for a time, America's Comedian. And James Cagney was a great actor, one of the biggest movie stars of his era. But watching this clip, it's easy to believe that they both could have been just as big as song-and-dance men.

LOL! I don't really care what batshit crazy thinks, but this is funny. RM


i put this under the "funny" category b/c it's funny/scary what makeup can do


I think this snake in the grass is in trouble....