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What Is Cloning

Jurassic Park (1993)

JURASSIC PARK - A group of people on a preview tour are stranded when Jurassic Park is hit with a hurricane, releasing its cloned prehistoric inhabitants.

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To me this picture speaks so loud... that so many people are being the exact same as each other and if one is going to hell they all will... or vice versa.. and if you stand out of the brainwashed idiots... you might as well pat yourself on the back and say I doing it right. -jayme

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Helena // Orphan Black // Tatiana Maslany Best. I love her even more every time she says this.

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WHAT WE DO IS SECRET soft enamel pin from Poser Gear

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Stained. (PROMPTUARIUM » writing prompt)

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Star Wars villains... Or protagonists? Who's to say. The brilliant thing about all these "bad" guys is their touching back stories. If I had been through what Grievous had I would hate the Jedi too. Think about it, it's all perception. L

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