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Growth mindset visuals. A Poster for students with alternatives and behavior reminders. This one is good, because it is not a "do this" don't do that" poster. It is recommendations for situations that may arise often in class such as being confused about a topic or feeling discouraged because they don't understand


What is the world's tallest waterfall? How do dams help generate water power? What happens when a waterwheel spins? In this book STEMist will explores the causes and effects that shape our world and demonstrates how both natural and man-made phenomena occur as well as touches on other types of energy and problems and benefits associated with water-power.


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In the kitchen: Learning about yeast #NYCommonPantry #LiveHealthy
from Science for Kids

What is Yeast


Here's a terrific web site from The Children's University of Manchester called Energy and the Environment. Includes information on energy, how we make electricity, renewable and non-renewable energy, and much more.