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The real story behind the statues.
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The real story behind the statues.

The real story behind the statues.>>>> I personally know nothing about the statues (I don't even know what's in my own area I don't leave my house) I don't what I think, but I'm passing it on

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Which Disney Fairy Are You?

Fairies Basically a fae-tus IS a fairy-baby so if you came from this you R a fairy folk . Yes ~ So what this is suggesting is moral of the story - you must believe in yourself in order to 'survive' faith + trust in greater more magnificent powers that are ...

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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Take a step for what is right. now keep going. other will join you and make it a march.


HOW TO BE A HAPPIER PERSON. HOW TO BECOME A HAPPIER PERSON. / How to be happy can be contributed by things you, say, think and so forth. So what if you changed some of the things you do and did them a little bit different .how to be happy, how to become a happy person #hapiness #happy