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What Is Carbonara Sauce

from Dinner at the Zoo

Chicken Carbonara

This recipe for chicken carbonara is crispy chicken with asparagus and wild mushrooms, all in a creamy sauce over spaghetti. A quick and easy dinner option that the whole family will love! ad


There's no details on what this is but it looks good!


Caprese Burgers with basil pesto - delish!

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Classic Italian carbonara

Classic Italian carbonara. This Morning's Gino di Campo. Gino cooks a traditional Carbonara, it is slightly different to how we would cook it in the UK. I'm definitely trying Gino's version next time


Creamy Bacon Carbonara Chicken ~ Its so easy... The sauce is creamy, cheesy and just insanely delicious!

from BBC Good Food

Dead good hollandaise

BBC Good Food- Dead Good Hollandaise. Is there anything better than eggs benedict? Try this over asparagus and a poached egg. Heaven! I love experimenting with what goes on the English muffin- bacon, ham, prosciutto, spinach, tomato, asparagus... ALL delicious with a killer hollandaise!

from Jamie Oliver

Beautiful courgette carbonara

Carbonara is a classic pasta sauce made with cream, bacon and Parmesan and is absolutely delicious. Try to buy the best ingredients you can, as that's what really helps to make this dish amazing. I'm using a flowering variety of thyme but normal thyme is fine to use. When it comes to the type of pasta, you can serve carbonara with spaghetti or linguine, but I've been told by Italian mammas (who I don't argue with!) that penne is the original, so that's what I'm using in this recipe. Before…

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Classic chocolate mousse in a bitter chocolate casing

Ingredients 250g Madagascan Sambirano Superior 71% chocolate, roughly chopped 300g Indonesian Javan Light Breaking 69% chocolate, roughly chopped 6 eggs, separated 80g caster sugar 450ml double cream, lightly whipped Equipment: 26-cm tart or shallow cake tin

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Top 10 Best Italian Pasta Sauces

Classic pasta carbonara using WITH MUSHROOMS spaghetti as the pasta. Really quick and easy to make resulting in a creamy dish that is both filling and tastes great. This recipe is easy, delicious and really fast. How does 25 minutes from start to plate up sound to you....

from Art and the Kitchen

Carbonara with Pan Seared Scallops

This recipe for Carbonara with Pan Seared Scallops is one of my favourite recipes! Perfectly seared scallops served with a quick and simple carbonara pasta.