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Si on m'avait donné une fleur à chaque fois que tu m'as faire rire ou sourire, aujourd'hui j'aurais un jardin dans lequel je pourrais marcher à l'infini

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This is amazing. I have wanted to throw wild flower seeds in my yard's bare patches for years but was too scared. What was I scared of? This is beauty au naturel!

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Get all android codes from low level to high. Learn what is android, how to start with android and projects on android.

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How to Write A Social Story

Social Stories are a great tool to help kids manage difficult or confusing situations. It’s a way to give information about those situations, including what is expected or what might happen in a simple, supportive and reassuring way. Carol Gray initially defined and refined the process of creating social stories. They can be particularly effective with kids who are on the spectrum, but they can also be used with anyone who just needs a little help to manage a situation or events. I’ve…

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London's lost rivers: the hidden history of the city's buried waterways

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The one redeeming thing about Daylight Savings is that one extra hour we got on Sunday. The hubsy and I slept in and it's almost always the way I choose to spend the extra time. What did you do? Today's lunchbox: nitrate/nitrite free ham + organic sliced cheese + mustard on sprouted grain bread, grape tomatoes, grapes, and orange bell peppers. #lunch #lunchbox #easylunchboxes #goopyourlunchbox #rockthelunchbox #settingupforsuccess #balance #danasdoseofwellness #danashafirwellness…

No One Asked For Daylight Savings

And when we get home, we start to get ready for bed at 6 p.m. because we have no idea what the hell is going on. | Dear Government Or Whatever, No One Asked For Daylight Savings

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