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What Is Benghazi

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Movie Poster (2016) - This is the true account of six soldiers and what they braved during 13 hours when the U.S. State Department Special Mission Compound and a CIA station were attacked by terrorists in Benghazi.

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Benghazi What the heck is happening to the US??That they are becoming untouchable and not being held accountable???

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great article: "Lets keep this real: Hillary has had months to work with handlers, Obama, Obama's handlers, Bill Clinton, and to rehearse in advance the anticipated questions and answers in the testimony like candidates rehearse the anticipated questions and answers in a debate in advance. Indeed, it is Benghazi-Truth's suspicion that her illness(s) were entire fabrications in order to get her out of the SOS offices so she could rehearse her answers to anticipated questions...

Republicans at work

13 Hours by Mitchell Zuckoff

Animals on factory farms suffer horrifically and don't want to die to be your meal - there is no such thing as "humane" meat... ignoring this sad reality won't change a thing. Please live compassionately consider transitioning to a healthy, plant based diet

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Never mind the information revealed corruption in the Democrat Party, DNC, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Padesta, Clinton Foundation, illegal servers, sake of US Uranium to Russia, Benghazi, gun running to ISIS ... the list goes on and on!!!!

If The Words Don’t Add Up, It’s Usually Because The Truth Wasn’t Included In The Equation

Lmao! Oh the stories we hear about that insane woman. Everyone makes a person laugh louder. So great to get to hear what crazy ass thing she does. How can a man live with that kind of insanity. Maybe he will come to senses like he almost did last time. Oh life is hilarious!

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The Truth In Plain Sight and Yet Pushed Aside! OMG What Has This World Become and What A Crying Shame!

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When will we know the entire truth about what happened? Not while a liberal is in control!