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This First Photo Stunned Me... But That Was Nothing Compared To The Rest. This Is Unbelievable.

The magical fairy tale feel of this photo is beautiful. The fox is obviously one of Modcloth, and my own, favourite. The orange pops out in a forest.


Pictures of the day: 28 February 2012

A giant panda cub shows off its gymnastics skills by hanging upside down from a tree, while also sticking out its tongue. Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago.

from Etsy

Hand drawn Kodiak Bear + Triangular Bear(horizontal)


This is a 1574 map of London. It shows us what London looked like in Tudor times. In the middle of the map is the City of London inside the City walls. On the left side is Westminster where two of the royal palaces were. The River Thames flows through the centre. There is only one bridge across the Thames: London Bridge. At the bottom of the map is Southwark on the south bank of the river. Here you can see two round buildings: these were the bull- and bear-baiting pits.