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We decided it would be fun to add a modern twist on the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Since farm to table is the new revolution in our thinking about eating, what better way to present this concept than with an elegant dinner setting at Dr. Beth Glosten’s lovely barn. We chose Dr.Glosten, author of The Riding Doctor, not only because her barn is wonderful, but she is a passionate advocate for slow food and grows a majority of what she eats on her farm. Donner Girl (AKA DG) Oldenburg…


What Is An event Planner Quality Character? How To Become An Event Planner? CC: picture is from and originated from


What is an Event Technology Stack? How can you create one to get more out of your event technology and achieve your outcomes?

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Shop Talk: Firefly Events

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign? (A Einstein). Inviting, nevertheless

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How to Make Sure Your Event Contracts are Watertight

Contract advice for event planners wanting to make sure their business is a continued success. What is an Event Contract and Why do I Need One?

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Events in Instruction- Event #3

This is a great tool to examine students prior knowledge and future knowledge that they can potential learn. In order for a student to learn any information, they must be wiling ask question, observe, and finally, show me what they have learned.