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What is Aloe Vera Juice Good for

Most people will be familiar with the many beneficial uses of aloe vera. The gel of the plant is commonly used to treat skin complaints such as psoriasis and to ease inflammation or burns. I suspect that fewer people have actually consumed the juice but it appears that drinking the stuff is becoming ever more popular.

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Find out what are the most useful medicinal plants in Ayurveda: from Aloe Vera to Ashwagandha, from Chywanaprash to Spirulina. This is a natural remedy for you and your kids.

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What is Aloe Vera? What is Aloe? 240 different species of Aloe

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So what are you waiting for? Just go for this pulpy leaf without any delay. Use aloe vera for your acne to get that amazing acne-free skin and do not forget to share with us which remedy worked best for you.

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26 Wonderful Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice (Ghritkumari Saar)

Aloe Vera treats just about anything that is burning, especially acid reflux! 30 minutes before each meal, drink one serving of Aloe Vera juice to coat your esophagus with a protective lining. That lining will protect your throat from the damaging and painful effects of acid.

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