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What about a candle the color of sugar cookies? That is what I'm currently burning. I'm hoping it will trick my body into thinking I ate them so I don't actually consume the entire batch I baked.

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What is a wishing rock? It's a rock with a single perfectly unbroken stripe all the way around the circumference of the rock. For a rock to qualify as a true wishing rock, there can be no splits, no outrunners, no faint second lines on the rock. Most of us have seen striped rocks, but to find one with just a single perfect line is not easy. Popular lore holds that if you keep a wishing rock in your pocket (or nearby) and make wishes on it, it will help your wishes come true.

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Wicca for Beginners: Free Online Wicca Lessons

Thinking about starting your own Book of Shadows? That's great! But you might be wondering exactly what you should start with. Here are some ideas of what to put (and what not to put) in your BOS.


Pagan This is how I believe it should be for all humanity. Not hatred, not bloodshed, not the constant threat of war. No matter the religion or other differences we all bleed the same, 99.9% of us have the capacity to love, we all have hurts and joys. It is the greed of man or a religion that claims to be the ONLY one true religion that is mostly is the cause of the worst problems we all face. Is that what any of our "Gods" really want for mankind to survive? For our world to survive?


This is to remind Mac-A girl needs Bling, lots and lots of bling. What ? So, don't go all feverish ! Cats are often associated with things they have nothing to do with. Like Witches and pentagrams and such. Just B/S of the purest ray serene.


This is what i truely believe in! This way, is my true inner strenght!!! Haters, takers and psycic vampires will draw from the light of your soul and try and make you conform to there ways.....this is when you become lost...Believe in Your true innerself! Believe in your life light, Shine it bright, so they are blinded and can never take or feel the true And beautiful magic of the spirit they they seek to feed there empty shells. Amen, so mote it be☆☆☆

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What in the World is a Witch's Ladder?


What is Witchcraft P3 There were times in history when many women were burnt to the stake for practicing witchcraft. All this was largely due to superstition. Witchcraft is actually a ‘craft’ and not a religion. The religion that the witches follow is called Wicca. Since the basic principles and beliefs of witchcraft are also followed in Wicca, therefore, witchcraft is generally identified with religion.