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Oakley Sunglasses Turbine, Mens, Turbine, Matte Black/Warm Grey

Scottish Wildcat. What a gorgeous pair of jade green eyes! Could this guy tear into a fish???

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Thousands prepare to evacuate homes over monsoon flood risk... and summer festivals are a washout too

On this "momentous" (check definition) day that is 23rd of June, 2016, the day of the EU referendum in the UK, London is being hit by a storm; flash floods, thunder, and lightning. Pray that this is not an omen as to what the result of the voting will be; for if such is the result to remain, the whole of Europe will be cast into a dim and dismal abyss the likes of which we have not seen since the tyranny dished out by evil perpetrators in the Second World War. In contrast, just check out my…

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What is the ‘Sunderland question’? And how might the May Government and local leadership teams answer it?

I can’t help thinking that Sunderland’s pace of counting votes will henceforth come to be seen as a massive millstone around this proud city’s neck. As Sunderland delivered its BREXIT referendum vi…

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This Map Shows Why A Pro-EU Party Might Flop At The Next General Election

This is what it looks like when you compare the referendum results to Labour’s…

What lessons from the Scottish Independence Referendum can we take into organisational management?

Brexit, Donald Trump and What It All Means For Marketers... -


MIGRANT CLAMPDOWN: Record turnout expected at Hungary's anti-refugee referendum

THE people of Hungary are expected to vote in record numbers in what has become an anti-immigration referendum aimed at Brussels bureaucrats forcing them to take in migrants under EU quota schemes.


Murnaghan Daniel Hannan on Brexit what now 11 Sept16

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A Brexit bolthole? For €100 you can become an e-resident of an EU country you've never visited

Signing up is easy, but what’s the point?

The EU referendum has changed the future of our country and there are huge decisions to make about what comes next. But so far politicians have failed to roll up their sleeves and set out a clear plan that works for all of us. So 38 Degrees members are doing the job instead, creating a big, bold, fair plan of action that millions of us can sign up to. Together we're going to figure out our demands for Brexit and make sure that people, not big business or politicians, come first when Britain…