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long haired jack russell | Happy Holly the short haired Jack Russell Terrier (That is not a jack russell terrier. It looks like a Cairn Terrier)

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Who Would You Be In The World Of "Harry Potter"?

What Would Your Ultimate Hogwarts Experience Look Like? :: I'm Vera Figgwood, I'm in Gryffindor, my wand is holly with a coral core, I have a Siamese cat, and my greatest moment at Hogwarts is becoming a prefect! ::


Love this. Digs deep within who I have become and also love the phoenix! Definately getting one put on my ribs to symbolize my ability to overcome what ive been put up against and rise from the ashes of what was once multiple tragedies in my life.


Hi I'm a new initiate. I'm a transfer from Euridite. As a way to commemorate this momentous occasion I decided I need a tatoo. Here is a picture of what it would look like.

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Triball phoenix

THIS is the style i WANTED on my phoenix tattoo, he did something entirely different, i like what i have but what i wanted would have been better, i think a good artist can add to my design and change it enough so i wont be disappointed again


loving the more fierce design of this one... love the fire, maybe in a different shape to add both the beauty and strength I'm looking for in my pheonix

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Stand by Me

Stand by Me (1986) | It's the summer of 1959 in Castlerock, Oregon and four 12 year-old boys - Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern - are fast friends. After learning of the general location of the body of a local boy who has been missing for several days, they set off into woods to see it. Along the way, they learn about themselves, the meaning of friendship and the need to stand up for what is right.