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What Is A Legion

what i like most about this piece that i would like to incorporate into my own boss concept is the impression he presents of himself by the way he stands and his look. Just by looking at the character you know he is someone of power and not to be taken lightly. this is something i wish to project onto my own characters.


Ancient Roman Helmet can be used as inspiration for what futuristic military equipment could or would look like. Interested in the styling, formal decoration, and shape. Also interested in the way the helmet shows how metals deteriorate and how their colors change in that process.

2 What about using them to fundraise for the British Legion?


Reminds me of the "if you don't like it then leave, it's not the French foreign legion" quote.


'Rome, Sweet Rome': Could a Single Marine Unit Destroy the Roman Empire?

Roman testudo (tortoise) formation. In Ancient Roman warfare, the testudo or tortoise formation was a formation used commonly by the Roman Legions during battles, particularly sieges. Testudo is the Latin word for "tortoise". The Greek term for this formation is "chelone" and during the Byzantine era, it seems to have evolved to what military manuals of the era call the "foulkon".


Happy New Year and a New Month Roasting in the New Year (c) 2017 P. Lynne Designs Happy New Year Everyone. As usual I had a different post for December 31 2016 but got caught up in the festivities of the celebration. So I am turning this into something different. 2017 The Year of Making a Difference I mean it. 2016 had its charms but lets face it for some it was a difficult year. There have been some surprise deaths in the celebrity world. We lost a Prince a Princess (Carrie Fisher) A…

"Never meant to be one of the Fallen eh, Alec?" "What?" "I dont know why they took you, the girl is stronger. Wouldve done better." "What the hell are you talking about?" "You shouldnt have been a Fallen. You were made to be a Legion warrior, your soul is too clean. Her's however... Too bad we couldnt work on you more."


(40) RAUM (Goetic demon) influences those born 28/04 - 10/07 - 21/09 - 03/12 - 14/02. He is a Great Earl. His office is to steal Treasures out King’s Houses, and to carry it whither he is commanded, and to destroy Cities and Dignities of Men, and to tell all things, Past and What Is, and what Will Be; and to cause Love between Friends and Foes. He was of the Order of Thrones. He governeth 30 Legions.