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What is #Fibromyalgia? A central nervous system illness where the brain misinterprets sensory information as painful stimuli.


A migraine is so much more than a headache and can affect the whole body. Our latest article looks at what a migraine is and how to manage when one strikes.


14 Things People With Migraines Wish You Knew

What is a migraine? It's much more than just a headache.


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An invisible condition - What is a migraine? It's much more than just a headache.

Vaping Apps Smartphone Apps for eCig Users Smartphone Apps are a very handy accessory for anyone who uses electronic cigarettes and there are literally hundreds out there finding the most useful however can be a bit of a challenge so we have created a breakdown of the most important and useful apps for vaping to save you the headache. So what is a vaping app? No we arent talking about an app on your iPhone that magically allows you to such vapour out of the headphone jack or anything…

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Parallel Universes 'Exist And Interact' Says Landmark Study

Parallel Universes mathematically proved! Great news. An untold supply of headaches for future students!