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What Is A Furry We're looking for admins if you're interested private message our page! Be positive and have sweet dreams - thed4rkestrose Daily Comment Reminder Please remember to leave a comment or like on our posts! This will help keep our page active and allows our posts to be viewed on more news feeds! Thank You <3 Against Cruelty Towards Animals?: Want to Save Some Animals? Join our group and join the cause! Join Our…

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Northern Inuit dog. Almost identical to wolves, except that they aren't wolves.

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The last time I drew a bumblebee I was pleased with my effort until I realised the poor wee bee only had 3 legs.

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Amur Leopard ~ The rarest cat on earth Absolutely stunning - is a leopard my favourite animal or what!!

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Tellington TTouch - "TTouch helps increase levels of self confidence, self awareness and self-control."

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Motif 03 : Consciousness 識 - There are six, eye / ear / nose / tongue / body / intellect consciousness. Consciousness and the organ cannot function without each other. It is pictured as having a two-fold function : the cognition of objects that arise in our field of awareness and a structured stream that is being continually fed from the reservoir of energetic activity. The interplay between mental formation and consciousness is seen as accounting for all the experiential data associated…

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Schnauzer puppy Schnauzers are very jumpy dogs. They will jump on almost any thing. They are also very playful.

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