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What Is 420 Day

My husband asked me what I been doing all day. Apparently, pinning and crocheting was not the right answer | Confession Ecard


Huntley and Palmers, Biscuits Post Boxes, Snowballs, UK (1890)


Most beautiful gray/silver hair ever... this is what I want my hair to look like when it transforms!


2D Deer Head Template (With manual on English)

Here are the manual and the 2d pattern for gluing the deer. Be carefull, the process of gluing this model is not fast. You will need at least two full-time days to glue the head of a deer. If you have never made anything out of paper, or you do not want to glue the deer head independently, you can o


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Cute Animals

At over a metre in height & weighing up to 40 kg, the emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) is the largest of the penguins. Slow & dignified, they have a blue-grey back that shades into a black tail & a white belly flushed with yellow. Deep yellow ear patches on either side of the head fade down the neck & upper chest; the remainder of the head & throat is black. Small head & bill relative to body size, & flippers that are proportionately 25% smaller than other penguins.


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Joel Osteen quote of what to say to yourself when you get up.