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The Visionary archetype lets you imagine possibilities that are beyond the scope of your individual life and that benefit all of society. The Visionary brings into view what could be if certain choices are made, or what is inevitable given choices that have already been made. -Carolyn Myss

The real story behind the statues.
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The real story behind the statues.

The real story behind the statues.>>>> I personally know nothing about the statues (I don't even know what's in my own area I don't leave my house) I don't what I think, but I'm passing it on


Mount Nemrut, Turkey. 2,134 m high mountain in southeastern Turkey, notable for the summit where a number of large statues are erected around what is assumed to be a royal tomb from the 1st century BC.

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Disney The Lion King Scar tumbler

This is the perfect cup for the Lion King fan in your life. Tumbler has Scar from the Lion King and states Im surrounded by idiots. Tumbler is