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What Has Fiber

For Leslie? what do u guys think???A simple titanium ring with 2 deep natural grooves through the surface. This titanium ring would be great for everyday use or as a wedding ring or promise ring. It has a flat profile and you can customize the ring to fit your needs with the width, groove size and finish.This is the famed "Abyss" Replica Ring!

Moss embroidery - Penny Nickels. I love the concept behind this piece. It reminds me of a magnifying glass, whereby the artist has brought out an area of the trees texture. Embroidery is a key interest in mine. I love the detail added into the moss and the varying shades of green which adds to the realism of the piece.

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Just Write or Draw: Get Started with Journaling

Cecile Yadro. "Ephemera" This piece is made from fabrics in bright and vibrant colours. What I like about this book is use of fabric creates texture and an overall a more aesthetically pleasing design. Additionally I like the tassel decoration on the binder of the book because it adds more texture and design to the book. I have chosen this because i like that the artist has used fabric and this could be a possible idea for my own artist book

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I take EVERY bit of blame for what has happened and I hurt you unnecessarily. You were unaware of any of it. I'm sorry, I will always be sorry for getting sucked into it ALL. I hurt, we hurt, a lot of people and ruined friendships. You're never going to forgive me but I am truly sorry.

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Beetroot has been all the rage this summer and these vibrant burgers are bringing the best of what the veg has to offer

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My daughter has a French Knitting ‘doll’ and has made many lengths of French knit but we’ve not really been sure what to do with it all. She’s been using it for dolls and toys etc but I went searching through Pinterest (as you know I do) and came up with these little beauties. …

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This piece has been created using stitch to create text, it almost looks like emergent writing - you can't make out what it says, but you have some idea.

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23 Times Trashed Bike Components Were Put To Absolutely Epic Use

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An Interview With: Jenn of

Jenn of first came to my attention while playing around in hashtag searches on Instagram, and after seeing her gorgeous lopapeysur, I did what any good knitter would do and sought her projects out on Ravelry . A mother of two young boys in Maine, Jenn lives in the perfect climate for lopapeysa, and from the looks of her wool-clad boys, she also has grateful recipients for her knits. When looking at her projects and instagram feed, I was immediately inspired by the…

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