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Transgender Kids Born into the Wrong Body #infographic

It's important to understand trans people and the issues they face.


David Prat by Sylvain Norget. A man in heels. What does this mean about his gender? His sexuality? Or does it mean anything? By Alexander Muzio

from thrillist

What Does Transgender Mean? Your Guide to Understanding Trans Terminology.

Explaining transgender, cisgender, MTF, FTM, and other trans terminology.

For many people, the terms 'gender' is interchangeably. Both Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose have spoken publicly how they about identifying…

from BBC News

Do we need more than two genders

What does the transgender movement mean for the traditional binary concept of male and female?

from the Guardian

Drag queen? Transgender? Conchita's an ambassador and that's what matters

" [...] is she a transvestite, a drag queen, a bearded lady, a transgender woman or what? And does it even matter? Facebook recently introduced more than 50 gender options in the US, and if you're puzzled about what all those terms mean, Conchita is a clue as to what this gender diversity might look like in practice. [...] Confused? This is gender fluidity and you'd better get used to it."