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It's important to understand trans people and the issues they face.

Transgender Kids Born into the Wrong Body #infographic


What does adventure mean to you?

What does adventure mean to you? How about taking the Trans-Siberian railway from Beijing China to Moscow Russia, through Ulan-Bator Mongolia

This Is What It Means To Identify As 'Gender Fluid'


US leaving TPP: A great news day for China

Ministers from 12 countries at the TPP signing in Auckland (Feb 2016) What does it mean for this agreement if the US leaves?

I may be different from you, but this is me, and I'm going to be me to the best that I can be because I'm beautiful and anyone who says different is just jealous!


Caitlyn Jenner honoured with Arthur Ashe Courage Award at ESPYs

#CaitlynJenner. OK so she may be Botoxed and stretched a bit (go easy on the surgery gurl, don't get carried away) but for 65 years old, she does look amazing. My only criticism is that she's locked into a 'glam trans' world and only appears to be hanging out with other equally glamorous and facial surgery enhanced trans people. What about those people who have the same struggles to transform, but don't have the means for such a facially physical transformation?