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What Does Structure Mean

Gamers can be a demanding bunch, and in many regards Windows 10 has been something of a disappointment as a gaming platform. While Microsoft has used Windows 10 to merge the worlds of PC and Xbox O…

How to use structure to bring creative ideas to light

Your Brain has Wires and Trauma Scrambles the Connections When you experience trauma, neural connections in your brain can get disrupted thereby affecting the actual structure of your brain. If you have stable, caring relationships with consistent, reliable people, you learn to engage with experiences in a healthy way. On the other hand, if you continuously experience danger, anxiety and fear, then your brain becomes a fear driven organ. What does this means for how you behave?

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When your family finds Jesus and you don’t

Please share your advice for this reader who is afraid of losing his family to fundamentalist Christianity.

Capital Steel Buildings use portal frame technology in manufacturing metal buildings. Many of us would wonder what does this term means. In civil engineering, this term refers to the specific technique of building metal buildings, especially single storey steel buildings, from sheets. Usually, there is a steel sheet with uprights and cross beam upon them in these structures.


Kenneth Anderson: What’s the Business Model for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)? And What Does Online Education Strategically Mean for the Long-Run Rent Structure of Higher Education? Is ...

Melissa Korn and Jennifer Levitz ask a good question in a news article about so-called “Massive Open Online Courses” in today’s Wall Street Journal: what’s the business model? How do they generate revenues? There is a lot of discussion about how online education is going to shake up the cosseted business models of today’s brick and mortar universities, and MOOCs are often raised as a first wave of change. | Educación flexible y abierta

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The Sex Trade: Lies, the 'Voice of the Voiceless' and Other Silencing Tactics

RT @ArcticFox2016: Barracuda Brigade | Tennessee Town Bans All Negative Criticism On Social Media…