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What Does Parody Mean

It's Supernatural Day! What Does Supernatural Mean To You?

What the frick does "used" mean? People talk about relationships ending because they were used. It doesn't make sense to me. Probably because I'm antisocial.


BLIMY! Here we have a real life fangirl doing what she does best, matching up men for sexual activity a


Lol me and my friend were talking about bart bakers parodys and this happend what does Beiner even mean lol


Forrest Hump

Pin for Later: 24 Oscar-Worthy Puns of Porno Parodies Forrest Hump "My pants are like a box of chocolates." But what does that mean?

from Laughing Squid

‘PBS Idea Channel’ Explores Whether ‘Too Many Cooks’ Says Something About the Meaning of Life

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta explores whether Adult Swim's popular parody "Too Many Cooks" says something about the meaning of life in the show's latest episode. Specifically, Rugnetta turns...