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What Does Luke Mean

He is such a Angel And i love him yeah i know probably alot of other girls do too but i mean hes kind caring and sweet and thats what i love about him and i know he will probably never see this but if he does all i wanna say is thank you for being you Michael and ily <3<< True I absolutely love Michael. Well, I love the whole band, but you get the point.

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The Steward Makes Friends by Means of ‘Unrighteous Riches’ (Luke 16)

Jesus tells an illustration of a rich master and his steward. What does he mean when he urges his disciples to ‘make friends by means of unrighteous riches’?

Worship Leaders: worship does not depend on us nor is it determined by us. We can rest on God because worship belongs to Him. "Jesus answered It is written: Worship the Lord your God and serve him only. " Luke 4:8 Take this concept in the means of leading worship. If worship belongs to God the Holy Spirit is the one who leads us into His rest. As we are drawn to worship Him we help draw others into that same flow of what the Spirit of God is already doing. Want more? Join the Worship Team…

Troye gets us. Lol I was JUST thinking of this song and a quote from it pops up. Lol that's so weird!


EXTREMELY CONCERNED! So I like Loki, Light, and Lelouch who are all pretty evil AND THEN I ALSO LIKE SATAN FROM AN ANIME WHAT THE HECK IS WEONG WITH ME!!! (I can't believe I said I like Satan… but in that anime he's not really evil and he's really goofy and he doesn't want to kill humans… Just rise the ranks in MgRonalds (McDonalds)…)


There was a time that I was very fearful when I first started receiving demonic attacks and nobody around me understood what I was going through... I was attending a church that automatically assumed that I was living in sin because of the attacks that I used to experience however that's because they weren't familiar with deliverance ministry... Every believer needs to go through deliverance because there's things that our ancestors have done that have caused generational curses etc... I…

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The Crucifixion, A Story of Hope I Believe

Crucifixion, a story of Hope Christianity, and the power of the Crucifixion story, is woven into the fabric of my life. I have wanted to do a Crucifixion image for at least 20 years. I asked the question what does The Crucifixion mean, this crucifixion out of the thousands and thousands that were carried out?

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