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What Does Luke Mean

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But then if we're all fictional and die then become real does that mean we can never be real and when we die we don't become fictional

He is such an Angel And i love him yeah i know probably a lot of other girls do too but i mean hes kind caring and sweet and thats what i love about him and i know he will probably never see this but if he does all i wanna say is thank you for being you Michael and I love you to the moon and back


In other words, the Bible is not about us. Not in the most immediate and important sense. The Bible is about Jesus and to read the Bible well means delaying questions like “What does this have to do with me?” until we first thoroughly know what the Bible has to do with Jesus and how it applies to Him. If we read the Bible autobiographically we’ll actually remove Jesus from the story or relegate Him to a lesser role.”

Troye gets us. Lol I was JUST thinking of this song and a quote from it pops up. Lol that's so weird!


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