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What Does Hello Mean

I mean it does have the owl slide, so how can it not be? I really hope they visited it. omg what if they did and the whole thing was real... SOMEONE GO ON WATTPAD, WRITE THIS STORY, AND SEND ME THE LINK


A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.…


Hey! What’s Up? Hello… As promised, today is the remaining “finished” rooms of my home. For me, summertime means lots of time out of the house. So when we do spend time at home, it’s an escape, a place to recharge and relax. What does summertime mean in your home? Do you decorate differently for …


I am laughing too hard!>>>> Already posted this but I'm posting AGIAN because it is just so accurate.


Qrow, RWBY: like daaaammmnnn why does Vic Mignogna voice all the hot people