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What Does Harem Mean

Rosario + Vampire has two seasons totaling at 26 episodes. ( Heads up it IS in fact a harem.) It is about a boy named Tsukune who semi-accidentally enrolls in a high school for monsters called Yokai Academy. He does not know that all of the students are monsters because they are in human form. He meets a girl named Moka Akashiya who is a vampire. They become friends and make more by joining the newspaper club. The season 1 opening does not compare to the fabulous disco 70's style opening for…

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40 Cool and Easy Road Trip Outfits

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Perception | This aspect correlates to the eyes, to chase a life that does not exist is to abandon what is real. You are an imaginative spirit that can create wondrous ideas and is more often a dreamer that is lost in the clouds. You wanted so much more from life, an experience similar to the movies with all the adventure, romance, and meaning. Instead, there was the monotonous and uninspired experience of school and work. You choose to tune out this boring world and delve into your mind…

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Does anyone see the watermark in the corner?!?!?! it says NOT FINAL! which means a second season! ...I hope so. But what would it even be about?

Vampire Knight has 26 episodes. It has two seasons with 13 episodes each. This anime is about an academy that has two dorms; one of which is for vampires. Yuuki was saved by a vampire named Kaname who is head of the moon dorm. Her brother Zero has a secret. This anime has romantic moments. (Nothing innapropriate.) It also has a very visually interesting intro that show almost all of the characters. This anime will make you laugh, cry, and hide in fear. (Heads up, the first season does end in…

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