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What Does Halloween Mean

"The monster signifies what Julia Kristeva calls the ‘abject,’ that which does not ‘respect borders, positions, rules’—‘the place where meaning collapses’. Danger is born of this confusion because it violates cultural categories. This is why the destruction of the monster is imperitave; it is only when the monster is truly dead and subject to decay that it ceases to threaten the social order."


David Bowie: Time To Mourn Or Call Out? - David Bowie has died and many of us are left with a bunch of feelings about it. What should we do, and what does this mean in light of abuse allegations?


Silly Christian! You based your holidays off Pagan holidays. Not the other way around. And stop Calling me a devil worshipper, you created the devil, I don't believe in such an entity!!


Sounds like a Witch to me... ☽○☾ Source: Home Curb Appeal


how did he get away with stealing santa's "ho, ho, ho"? (that seems to have a slightly different meaning today, doesn't it?)