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What Does Dw Mean

So does that mean that if I write some DW fanfic I will grow up to be the doctor's companion?

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11 Things That Matt Smith Made Cool On "Doctor Who"

Glasses. | 11 Things That Matt Smith Made Cool On "Doctor Who" |||| Except it was David Tennant who made glasses cool

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Scifiworld on

If you wanted to be added to any of my two boards so all of the fandoms and pinterest besties, comment on any of my pins and state which board you want to be apart of!

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Simplify: Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it. ~ Anonymous

What Does Organic SEO Really Mean? Ever wondered the difference between cheap, automated, spammy SEO that puts your website in danger and high quality organic SEO that delivers long lasting results? Well this explains all...

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ksc Idris/TARDIS: It means the smell of dust after rain..// RORY: What does?..// Idris/TARDIS: Petrichor..// RORY: But I didn't ask..// Idris/TARDIS: Not yet. But you will. ☺♥♥

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