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What Does Distort Mean

The iPhone 7 Plus camera is 'Apple's best' but what does that mean? - CNET Close iPhone 7 Plus gets dual cameras Drag Apple has introduced the first truly major update to its iPhone camera that promises an improvement in photo quality beyond the incremental annual changes (beyond ancillary updates such as flash or image stabilization) since the original model. The iPhone 7 Plus brings new capabilities some more accurately described than others which youll need…

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Slow limb position feedback, this basically means that when someone with MS wants to move their leg for example; it may take a while for the leg to respond to this. This goes back to messages from the brain being distorted. It also may mean people with MS can't move parts of the body. The brain knows what it wants to do, but the body does not respond.

1 just need to read this. Especially when you've had a rough day, and nothing seems to be going the way you planned. But maybe that's the beauty of it.



Zumra by Emir Šehanović. Note: Recognizing the potential of things from the environment and giving them a new meaning is what Emir Šehanovic does in his work. For his series ‘Zumra’ he used old photos, that appealed him and which he finds in his surroundings, both digital and physical


Real Healing... it seems to me that our distorted view of health comes from living in an over-physicalized culture. We...