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What Does Disguise Mean

Mary was such a precocious little imp. When she destroyed a person she never did skimp. Always efficient, gory, rough & ready she always covered the face of her friend, Teddy. He'll have nightmares......


The Hulinhjálmur or 'Helm of Disguise'. The 108 year cycle to bring what is hidden into the light is now complete. Light shines on darkness and as it does so the darkness dissolves.


" people influence change in the city. The collapse of faith in top-down planning has been followed by a renewed interest in the self-generating wisdom of bottom-up urban initiatives. What does it mean when people act as the urban change agents that direct the life and death of the world’s cities? With a manifesto-like text, architect Afaina de Jong marks the people in the streets as the starting point of all urban trends and cultural innovation." ...she read my mind


We were just talking about this!


My current favourite sensation novel - about two sisters who lose their... name (and hence their proper identities); it demands to know what constitutes victorian female identity, but does so with a host of letters, disguises, fires, freak accidents, actresses, melt-downs, carriage rides, well meaning governesses, incompetent lawyers, sham marriages and depicts a spectrum of all encompassing and complicated love.

from Blessings in Disguise

What Being Positive Does Not Mean

What Being Positive Does Not Mean | Blog Post | Blessings in Disguise


Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki 霊気 "RAY-key" - A healing technique discovered in 1922 by Dr. Mikao Usui, after several of his students questioned him about 'laying of hands' healing like Jesus used. Imagine getting a 'Life Force' infusion from the Universe, like jumping a battery. That is what Reiki does! When giving Reiki, you deliver healing energy from the Universe into a patient. Their body knows where the energy is needed, and uses it to heal that problem.

Dragon Ball Discussion: Are there dark motives playing within the background that we are unaware of? Is Vados a true root of evil in disguise? Is she plotting something of dastardly proportions? What secrets does the sister of Ehis have? Could these secrets mean the impending doom to our heroes? Tell me what you think in the "Ka-Me-Ha-Ments" below! #SonGokuKakarot

Perfectionism will paralyze you. Most of the time perfectionism is just fear in disguise keeping us from taking risks and sharing our work with the world. @MichaelHyatt said Perfectionism the mother of procrastination. You were born to be real not to be perfect. Instead of pursuing perfection pursue excellence. Excellence is doing your best where you are and with what you have today. Striving for excellence will propel you striving for perfection will deflate you. @Brenebrown wrote…