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What Does Bespoke Mean

from Love Chic Living

What Your Possessions Mean to You (And Others) #MSMHomeTruths

What does the way you decorate say about you? Check out my latest blog post about a project called Home Truths (#MSMHomeTruths).


Menswearspeak: what they say and what it means

#MenswearSpeak | The world of men's fashion design has a language all its own, but what do words like 'heritage', 'sartorial,' 'bespoke' and 'layering' actually mean? Alfred Tong attempts to decode 'menswearspeak' in The Telegraph." ◈

from SF Gate

What Does It Mean When the Leaves of Vinca Flowers Turn Yellow?

Vinca is a genus of drought-tolerant plants that provide color to the garden in late spring and summer. Although vincas are easygoing plants, they sometimes develop problems that cause the leaves to ...

The word “Bespoke” is everywhere. Just Google the term and you’ll find everything from Bespoke kitchen to investment groups…But what does Bespoke mean?