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A Finger Painted picture of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.. great to do after the child reads the book by themselves for the first time . Just add name of the child , date and their age and it would make a great memory keeper even write or draw ideas on the back of what you would eat!


Beautiful Butterflies printable poster set. Includes: What is a butterfly? Species of butterflies, 4 pages showing the stages in the life cycle of a butterfly What do butterflies eat? What eats butterflies? Don't eat me! - using markings and mimicary to avoid being eaten, camouflage, and eye markings, The Biggest Butterfly - Queen Alexandra's Birdwing.


How to turn your garden into a bat haven.


While I was at Cookie Con {YES!  I'm talking about Cookie Con again} I showed how to do a couple of painting techniques that progressively got a little more difficult starting with antiquing and using the texture of the flood to add dimension.  Then I moved on to painting scribble roses and I thought I'd share here what I taught and how I do it.

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Power to the Pollinators

It is easy and pleasurable to do your part in helping our Earth's system to flourish! Plant plants that bees like, grow organic and eat organic produce,eat organic honey. Do not use pesticides.